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Our partner Spareparts & Services B.V., located in the Netherlands, is capable of offering all kind of (starch) equipment for your Industry.
Please visit their website on: www.spareparts-services.eu

Eventually, an offer can be made through D-Tag products BV.

D-Tag-Products can offer:

1.    Equipment against Cash payment.
2.    Equipment against surplus-payment on starch. (repayment during a starch supply contract of 3 Years).
3.    Free on Loan. (connected to a starch supply contract(certain amount) of minimum 5 Years).

  Spant 5 • 9501 JM Stadskanaal • The Netherlands • Tel. +31 (0) 599 622425 • Fax +31 (0) 599 610673 • info@d-tag-products.com