Based in Stadskanaal ( the Netherlands) Lampung (Indonesia) and in Santiago (Chile) D-TAG products is a Company who is active worldwide in sourcing and marketing agricultural ingredients. The agricultural products are produced by strategic and well selected partners.

Our potato based products are produced in the US as in Belgium and Denmark (Europe)
Our tapioca based products are produced in Indonesia, Thailand and South America.
Our corn based products are produced in the US, China, Israel and different Countries in Europe.
Our wheat based products are produced mainly in Europe.

With the ability to look where our customers are located in relation with the global spreading of our producers we are able to select the best producer-customer combination. In means of product, price and logistic. Our target is to build up further relations and to be qualified as a reliable and efficient partner for the paper-, technical applications- and food industry.

Our product portfolio: FOOD PRODUCTS - NON FOOD PRODUCTS
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